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Author: matty

  • Review Add on:04/07/2022
  • Average Rating:

I have been buying campark's trail cameras for 6 years, since campark launched the first trail camera T45, and continued to upgrade and develop new trail cameras, I have also been using their cameras to shoot mine Squirrel and dog. I am really satisfied with the quality and price of Campark, and their after-sales service is also very good. I just received my TC06 and haven't started using it yet, but I'm sure it won't disappoint me this time

Author: George M.

  • Review Add on:26/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

So far we've been really impressed with this camera. The ability to control through a phone app is terrific and setup was much easier than expected.

Author: Steve P.

  • Review Add on:25/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

I bought this camera at the beginning of June having tried two other brands and I am very happy with it. I like to film our resident Hedgehog and fox in our garden. The close ups are very detailed especially when filming inside the feeding station. I cannot fault the build as it feels like a strong and robust bit of kit. I accidentally drop it from waste height and no damage whatsoever !
I film mostly at night but I do put the camera out during the day to charge up using the solar panel and it is more than adequate.
I have not tried the Bluetooth feature as I have good WiFi connection.
It easily connects to my i pad and I can download to my picture files for downloading ready to send to various websites and facebook. All in all a very good piece of kit and I have no regrets buying it. I would highly recommend this camera as I cannot find fault with it !

Author: Rocky

  • Review Add on:24/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

If you are looking for a great trail camera to catch the critters then this is probably the best value on the market. I have not had any photo's that were blanks! The camera stays charged by itself and has great wireless range. The settings are also many, so the camera can be fine tuned. I had a question about the camera and I was able to get an immediate e-mail response from the manufacturer (within 24hrs). Very happy with this purchase!

Author: Mustafa S.

  • Review Add on:24/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

I like the quality of the images both day & night. I use the memory card feature and just swap cards when needed. Battery management is better than I expected.This has a nice design and good built quality.5 star rating is earned. Recommend.

Author: David H.

  • Review Add on:22/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

This camera was easy to set up and the solar aspect makes it nice. We use these for security (not that they would STOP anyone from breaking in, but last time we were robbed we tried to see whodunnit and our camera had run out of batteries). Soooo, the solar panel is nice, for sure.

Author: Monte W.

  • Review Add on:21/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

Great pics. Great video. Haven’t needed batteries yet. Solar is very sufficient

Author: Hal B.

  • Review Add on:21/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

Works beyond my wildest dreams! So wonderful to not have to buy lots of batteries with the solar recharging system!!’

Author: Dave R.

  • Review Add on:20/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

The camera optics and PIR sensor are absolutely top notch. The images and videos are as clear as can be, and once you get it all configured it works super well.

The software you use to pull pictures and videos from the camera, however, is absolute garbage. There are three major problems:
1) It's super finicky about connecting to the camera. You have to do no less than 4 things to get connected...can you not automate this so it's a one-button click? I have DSLRs that automate the connection process, and they're vastly easier to use.
2) The software allows you to click on an image/video to see it, but the download takes forever unless you're standing close to the camera. Once you download it, there's no way to save the image/video to your phone -- you have to a completely different route to get a copy you can save on your phone. See #3 for details.
3) Assuming you know which images/videos you want to save, you have to select them, them download them to your phone. But the software doesn't just drop them into your 'photos' collection on the phone; it stores them *in the software* and then you have to switch screens and export them to your phone's photo collection. Aside from requiring an extra step, it means that if you want to clean up unwanted photos/videos, you have to delete them from three different places: the camera itself, the software's internal storage, and your phone's photo collection.

So: the software is terrible, but with three small changes it could be OK:
1) automate the wireless connection process
2) allow 'save to phone' directly from the image/video preview screen
3) make the download process just save the files to the phone's photos collection -- skip the 'internal' storage b.s.

Until they do this, it's actually much easier to pull the SD card from the camera and read it out on my laptop. Ugh.

5 stars for the hardware, -2 stars for the absolutely atrocious software.

Author: Susan B.

  • Review Add on:20/06/2022
  • Average Rating:

So far, I'm very happy with the camera. I'm loving having the video. I barely look at the pictures anymore because of the video! So far, it's been a great purchase. I only got it to watch what comes through my back yard. Love watching deer! Getting more than I bargained for!

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